UXO GROUNDWORKS is a private limited company providing desktop and site support to assess and manage the risk from potential UXO. Our turn key approach offers support for all your needs. If UXO contamination is suspected then our capability encompasses Mitigation, Detection, Demolition, Clearance, Consulting & Marine Services.

Please see below for UXO GROUNDWORKS accreditations.

We are available 24/7/365 across the UK & Worldwide. 


Our bespoke Integrated Management System (IMS) has been accredited to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 & SSIP standards. Our IMS keeps UXO GROUNDWORKS running smoothly & efficiently in today’s changing market place. The system helps us produce, develop and maintain our various policies, procedures, and documents for use in our personnel, research, operation and finance departments.
Examples of some of our policies and procedures are undertaken by UXO GROUNDWORKS are below;

Financial & Business Standing
Equal Opportunities & Diversity
Anti-bribery & Corruption
Modern Slavery
Information & GDPR
Corporate & Social Responsibility

UXO GROUNDWORKS has the most up to date and world leading military grade equipment. We are constantly striving to procure new equipment that makes our capability more efficient and streamlined. This policy will greatly benefit our clients by saving man hours and being more cost effective.

We have frequent training on current equipment & techniques for both land and marine environments. This ensures our skills and professionalism is cutting edge.  

UXO GROUNDWORKS is based in Greater Manchester and are centrally located to all UK sites. We are Professional, well trained and highly competent UXO specialists who are committed to delivering a service that is second to none. This will ensure the success of our company, and the multitude of UXO services we provide.

UXO Detection Service

No matter the potential contamination of UXO risk, and the size & timescale of your project, UXO GROUNDWORKS will offer expert help and guidance throughout, from start to completion.  We will do everything we can to ensure that any UXO risk is mitigated.

UXO GROUNDWORKS LTD Business Approach is in line with our accreditation partners CHAS & Constructionline. 

Our risk Assessments sources include national and local record offices, aerial photography, historical maps, British Geological Survey (BGS) information and historic air raid records.

Information was gathered locally by police, air raid wardens and military personnel. They noted where, when and what types of bombs had fallen during an air raid and passed this on to the Ministry of Home Security Bomb Census Organisation where regional technical officers plotted the positions of the bombs onto maps.

These bomb plots along with the information gathered locally were passed to the Ministry of Home Security Research and Experiments Branch.

The information was digested, summarised and sometimes collated with intelligence from other sources. The reports were distributed to the Cabinet, Air Ministry, local authorities and to government departments with responsibility for civil defence.

(National archives)


All our risk assessments conform to CIRIA C681, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no stone will be left unturned in gathering the correct information. 

Our team is professional & thorough, we source a lot of our data through national and local record offices, aerial photography, historical maps, British Geological Survey (BGS) information and historic air raid records.   

If our conclusions suggest that an escalation is advised, we offer a turnkey worldwide capability, encompassing, Mitigation, Detection, Clearance, Consulting, Marine and Demolition. Our business is founded on professional reputation and integrity. We are accredited by and members of various UK H&S organisations institutes.  

Our initial UXO risk assessment is one of the options to give our clients peace of mind when planning a project.  We have priced this service competitively at £130.00+ VAT.  

Our mission is to give you our initial assessment within 1-2 days.

A further detailed UXO risk assessment may be advised on completion thereafter. If a detailed UXO risk assessment is commissioned, the initial UXO risk assessment cost will be deducted. 

We will only advise on further mitigation, if required.

Where a detailed UXO risk assessment is needed, our research will quantify the potential risk and provide possible bomb penetration depths with both the likelihood and severity of UXO.

Our professional operatives offer unrivalled support

UXO GROUNDWORKS experienced UXO EX-military professionals are qualified in 1st aid, on-site trainers, mitigation, detection, demolition and clearance. Our operatives are drawn from ex-military UXO specialists backgrounds who have been deployed worldwide in various conflict zones and other areas.  

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients needs and requirements.  We will strive to be value for money, professional and efficient. We always look to build relationships with our clients to build a lasting foundation based on trust

Time critical factors

Not considering UXO contamination on a site could incur costly delays in a construction project. This could therefore potentially put a job in jeopardy. 

We would recommend to our clients that they commission an initial risk assessment immediately and make a proactive response in avoiding any delays. We have military grade geophysical survey equipment to detect UXO contamination on site (Land or sea) and we can deploy swiftly whenever required.  

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